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How to prepare for a Quantum session

man in meditative state with multidimensional background

The Soul always knows how to heal itself

the challenge is to silence the mind


A Quantum Healing session is the most unique and wonderful gift you can give yourself.

If you don't already meditate, it's a good time to start, at the very least, give yourself quiet time daily to practise silencing your "mind chatter".

Get used to ALLOWING yourself permission to totally relax and let go of distractions by focusing on your breathing and the coherence of the heart and mind. ​Practise your breathing awareness as much as possible, even if only for a few minutes a day.

Take the opportunity to get outside, be in fresh air and inhale deep slow long inhalations, then as you breathe out, make sure it is slow and longer than the inhalations.  Practise breathing in and holding to a count of 3 before releasing slowly and controlled. Do this several times. Now check in with yourself - feel the positive difference come over you.

When ready, move on to practising visualisations, opening up that creative right side of your brain, this is particularly  good during a relaxing moment, even better with meditation music. 

Start with a beautiful scene - pay very close attention to the details -colours, vibrancy, shapes, movements, notice your other senses come into play -  for example, the sound of birds, ocean waves, a breeze through trees and against your skin, the sound and sensations under your feet as you walk through your beautiful scene.

Take yourself on a journey, play with it and be the creative owner of your thoughts. Raise your awareness of how you feel after each visualisation.

Your session will start with a relaxed talk so that I can get to know you and how I can help you in the very best way possible. You may want to bring some "life questions" with you, as these will play an important part in your Quantum Hypnosis journey.

You will be guided into a relaxed state of being within a safe and comfortable environment. You may want to consider wearing clothes that are comfortable to relax in for sometime and ensure you eat something  an hour before your session.

While in a relaxed hypnosis state you will be guided by me  - your facilitator as your subconscious takes you to where it needs to go to find the answers to your questions in the most beautiful, profound and fascinating way.

All sessions include a healing body scan. Your session is private and full confidentiality respected,  therefore no-one else can be present during your session.

After your session, we will go over what you experienced. You will be given a recording of your session, this will play an important part in your continued energy connection by listening to this regularly following your session.

For QHHT sessions, I would advise bringing a light snack and drink for after your session to ground you before your home journey. It is important that On-line sessions require the same comfortable "no disturbance or distractions" conditions.

For on-line sessions you must ensure:

* You are aged 18 + years 

* You have a strong internet connection

* You have the ZOOM app on your PC, I-pad, laptop

* You have a good headset with microphone over your mouth and clear visuals on screen.

* You have a peaceful space where you will not be disturbed throughout your session

* You have a comfortable chair/recliner/lying down space and clear visuals on screen

* Remember -  the sessions are a minimum of 3 hours so you may want to ensure you have a head        support/pillow and light blanket/covering during your session.

* You turn off any technology alarms / ringing devices and secure any beloved pets

* You leave expectations to one side and be present in the moment by going with the flow of allowing, that way you open the door to meaningful adventure.

* You have read and understood the above practise advice.

You are advised to continue listening to your recording  for the days and weeks following your session for new insights and healing energy connection. The recording is best listened to in a peaceful place but not whilst driving.


woman laying listening with headphones
man sitting with chakras


 The Seven Chakras are the energy centres in our bodies where energy flows.

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