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This simple but wonderful session will help you do that.

"Discover for yourself what YOU are trying to say to YOU. Your higher self is always trying to communicate with you, helping you to follow your chosen path for experience and growth. When you are not listening, or paying attention, suppressing emotions or living in FEAR, the higher self will resort to using PAIN to get your attention as this is the easiest way".  Julia Cannon

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We choose how we react to things, but as we become more self aware and more conscious of ourselves and our bodies, we can change our reactions by changing our thoughts, we can change our thoughts by changing our beliefs and that includes the words we use.

Understanding who we really are.

We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.

It is very important to appreciate the emotions we experience, to ensure we acknowledge them, understand them and work with them. See them for the valuable tools they are and dialogue with them, so they can be expressed and released with ease. It is not about looking outside of ourselves for answers or seeking to blame. The truth is, we need to go within ourselves where the answers lay - if you are willing to listen. When we understand what we learn, we can then choose what we want our future to look like.

What happens in a Soul Speak session.

The session will begin with a relaxed talk to get to know you and your concerns.

You will bring along up to 3 body/health concerns

You will be guided into a light relaxed state to open up communications with your inner self.

Here you will identify and dialogue with your body to discover what messages it is trying to give you.

You will receive insights and answers from your higher self.

Based on the information you receive, you will be able to use your freewill to direct your NEW life going forward.

You will take away the method used with you to enter your relaxed state to address any other issues you may have.

If there are multiple issues you would like to address, there is the opportunity to delve much deeper into your beautiful powerful sub-conscious by booking a one to one QHHT session or BQH / Introspective Hypnosis session.

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Soul Speak - The Language of the body book

A Soul Speak session is right for you if any of the following apply...

* You are suffering chronic pain, discomfort or dis-ease and ready to surrender and  LET IT GO.

* You are ready to take back ownership of your MIND and BODY

* You are committed to playing your part in your healing process.

*You are ready to create a brighter future for your self.

Facilitated wonderfully On-Line

Good wi-fi connection

Peaceful place without interruption

Session - 90 mins.

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