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Introducing RTT Method
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RTT Marisa Peer and a quote

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See RRT in action with this session extract conducted by Marisa Peer.

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Session carried out with Marisa Peer - creator of RTT.

Client - Caroline with OCD. This is her after session statement

Full session viewed by goldmayberry.


"The stress and anxiety were stopping me moving on"

During the session, I felt like I had been put in a blanket & really taken care of. In the session, to be able to really see and understand where this issue came from was really empowering. Once I saw that letting go (of the problem) was easy, I remember a sudden feeling of "Your done". For those thinking about having a session, I would say just do it!. This was the best thing for me and its not just getting rid of the OCD, it's everything that has come with it.

Caroline's story with OCD

If you would like to view the full video testimonial click here.

Source Marisa Peer,


"The information is for educational purposes only and the quotations should not reflect results"


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Manchester, United Kingdom

Burnout- Creating Stress, Anxiety - Sleep issues, Depression and Confidence Issues..
Are YOU experiencing any of the above issues? Get in touch and Let's work together.

Licensed RTT Practitioner Cl.Hyp ARTTP
Video Call online with client

What can RTT do for you

RTT is a Multi Award Winning Therapy created by international and celebrity hypnotherapist, author and AFEST/TEDx speaker Marisa Peer - voted 6th most influential female (after Adele).

RTT is transforming people's lives around the globe as a "stand alone" therapy that uses powerful techniques to identify root causes and create permanent transformation.

RTT deals with a presenting issue such as anxiety, stress, sleep issues, pain management, fears, phobias - and rapidly accesses the root cause. Once accessed, it is fully investigated layer upon layer to identify and interpret the meaning and HOW and WHY it has been stored in the subconscious as a belief without you even realising it was ever there.  Beliefs can manifest and lay dormant in the subconscious for many, many years - since childhood - affecting your thoughts, your actions, your behaviours and your body in so many destructive and restricting ways. When understanding is realised - then the magic begins.

How does it work?

Rapid transformational therapy uses a complimentary combination of  neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

RTT uses phenomenally powerful and unique techniques of "interruptions" to unwanted beliefs and behaviours as you collaborate with your mind during regressive hypnosis.

RTT also includes the technique Command Cell therapy that works on a cellular level activating the body's innate ability to heal and restore itself to wellness. Science has already proved  through neuroplasticity that we can successfully rewire our mind neurons.






The difference between RTT and traditional hypnotherapy can be seen in the diagram below. Classic Hypnotherapy will offer effective induction that may last 40 minutes or more with convincers and then move into suggestions regarding the presenting issues. RTT uses an induction with powerful and progressive deepeners to reach the SC mind much more rapidly. The main core of the session then allows greater time to use a selection of interventions to negative belief patterns where the presenting issues can be thoroughly investigated, interpreted and understood. Clarity is exposed and powerful interruption tools are used to halt the negative beliefs you no longer need and reframe them into powerful beliefs that transform YOU permanently to live a life of freedom from your presenting issue/s.












Many clients receive enlightening "Ah Ha" moments as they begin to fully understand themselves and their minds and how to take back their power after what feels like a lifetime of exhausting battles with fears, phobias, pain, low confidence, addictions, procrastination, life purpose and more.

But it doesn't end there, as I assist you with my guided expertise, your brilliant mind allows you to reframe your battles until they become old beliefs, actions and behaviours. You are then enable to move forward in your desired life much stronger and resilient with complete and permanent clarity and healing. This is only achieved by using RTT techniques and tools for firing and wiring new circuits of belief to obliterate old outworn destructive patterns that cannot and will not affect you again.

How many sessions are needed?

The incredible difference with RTT compared to other popular therapies is that it does not require weeks and months of continuous talk therapy, extensive hypnosis inductions and multiple sessions. It delivers results in just one session for complete transformation. No more than three sessions for more serious longstanding issues or health conditions.

How do I know how many sessions I need?

Only when you have attended your first session will it be established from the information and concerns you have. If there are several issues you want to address, you may choose to return for an additional session to concentrate on a sole issue for maximum success.

How long is a session?

Approximately 2 "rapidly transformational" hours.

What is the process?

When you have decided to invest in yourself and positively transform your life and remove the blocks that hold you back. - take the next step and book your session with me.

You will complete and return a "strictly private and confidential" intake form so that I can get to know you and help in the very best way possible.

You will receive a FREE 20 minute pre-session call either by Zoom or phone, to ensure we continue to build trust and openness together, understand the process and respond to queries.

You will be guided throughout your session with me and will start with relaxing into a comfortable state that will progress to a deeper hypnosis state. Your session will move to guided regressions and here we identify root causes by navigating through the information that surfaces and following through the Marisa Peer method of tools to journey through your RTT session.

Commitment to you.

As part of your therapy session success you will receive a powerfully unique and personalised transformational recording to listen to for 21 days. There will be a follow up contact to review your progress and address any questions you may have, to support YOU in your new life journey.

How RTT can help

Anxiety/Social anxiety




Panic attacks

Sleep issues - see Margaret's story below

Burnout see Burnout page


Pain Management - see Liz's story below


Self esteem

Feelings of unworthiness / Not Enough / Unlovable


Negative looping thoughts

Overweight / Overeating issues

Skin issues


Improve memory - improve concentration

Obsessive behaviour - see Caroline's testimonial below





Relationship with money 

Wire yourself for success

See Angie's incredible full session CEREBRAL PALSY - click here.

If you have a concern that is not listed above please contact me to find out if I can help

What is the cost of an RTT session?

(inclusive of pre session calls, recording and follow up support)

Packages available if up to 3 sessions are required or longer support requested.

(EXAMPLE PACKAGE - £750 for 3 session 3 step approach)

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy available at bottom of this page

Payment to be received 24 hours prior to your session. Payment options can be discussed.

Cancellations to be made with 48 hours notice, every effort will be made to reschedule  your appointment so you do not miss this wonderful transformational journey.

Missed appointments offer no refund. see T & Cs below.

                                          Re-ignite your true potential and live the life you desire

















How to prepare

On-line sessions you must ensure:

* You are aged 18 + years 

* You have a strong internet connection

* You have the ZOOM app on your PC, I-pad, laptop

* You have good clear volume and  clear visuals on screen

* You have a peaceful and private space where you will not be disturbed throughout your session

* You have a comfortable chair/recliner/seating area.

* Remember -  the sessions are a minimum of 2 hours so make sure you are comfortable

* You turn off any technology alarms / ringing devices and secure any beloved pets

* Be open and committed to transformation, you are worth it

* Remember, under hypnosis you will be comfortable and aware.




Let's connect so I can help you to regain your freedom and empowerment. 

All sessions are Private and Confidential. There is no judgement. Don't suffer in silence. Be open and committed to help, healing and transformation. YOU are worth it.

2018 Stevie gold award image
Marisa Peer quote about the mind
RTT awards won by Marisa Peer

Liz's story - Heel Pain/Heel Spurs -  session with goldmayberry

When I had my session, it was out of desperation. I was suffering from heel spurs, which if you don't know, feels like you are standing on pebbles stuck under your heels. Even if you have your feet up, it feels like your standing on a sharp stone. I was in such pain with my feet, I used to dread getting up in the morning and standing on them, I didn't think hypnosis could work for physical pain, but I was in such agony that I was willing to try anything. Lydz was so kind and understanding. I felt safe and understood by her, even though I didn't think I could be helped because the pain wasn't in my mind, it was most definitely physical. She took me into hypnosis, and back to scenes in my life, and helped me understand how they had led me to this point. She helped me understand things differently and did a beautiful recording to help me transform my thinking. About 10 minutes after our session over zoom, I needed to take the dog for a walk over the fields near my house and it truly felt like I was walking on air. The pain in my feet had totally gone, my legs felt strong and my ankles weren't hurting anymore, I still can't believe it, I am totally pain free!!. 

To anyone thinking of having a session with Lydz, I would encourage you to go ahead. I was very sceptical but I am glad I did it anyway. And living without pain anymore, is more than I could have asked for. With great confidence, I truly recommend Lydz to anyone living a life less than the life you'd wish for.

Liz - UK

Margaret's story - Sleeping issues - session with goldmayberry
difference between RTT and conventional hypnotherapy
Your RTT Journey
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